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In November a delegation of the National University of Pharmacy participated in the 6th international pharmaceutical conference "Science and practice 2015" (Kaunas, Lithuania). Details






Dear colleagues!

    We invite you to take part in the IId International Scientific and Practical conference "Technological and biopharmaceutical aspects of drug developing with different action orientation", which will be held November, 12-13, 2015 at the departments of Drug Technology and the Industrial Technology of Drugs. Details

Informational letter



Night of Science in Kharkiv

    September 26, 2015 Department of Pharmeceutical chemistry took an active part in the educational project "Night of Science in Kharkiv". Details




The conference in Brno

    In September the delegation of the National University of Pharmacy participated in 44-th scientific and practical conference "Drug synthesys and analysis" (Brno, Czech Republic). Details




Summer School

    Post-graduate student of our department, Materiienko A. S., during the summer vacation, took part in the summer school of the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of fisheries and protection of waters (Vodňany, Czech Republic). Details




 Congratulations on Day of Knowledge!






Dear students!

In the year 2014 the program "Polish Erasmus + for Ukraine" started. The Polish government established this program for Ukrainian universities of medical profile, a budget is about $ 3 million. Now the medical community in Ukraine and Poland (leaders of Ukrainian and Polish universities, the Polish community of doctors, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) are joining their forces to open the program "Polish Erasmus+ for medical Ukraine". Students of medical profile universities will be able to participate in a student exchange in various research projects to study the country and its culture and language. To participate in this project or not - this is the decision of each student personally. However, the volume of Polish medical funding in Erasmus + for the University depends on the number of registered students of pharmacy and on the number of students who intend to become real participants in the project.

Everyone is welcome to contact:  (an extra information)

Polish-Ukrainian website: 

To register, go to the page: 

23-24.-05.2015 was held already the first trip of Ukrainian medical students on holiday to Warsaw Medical University in the framework of the Polish-Ukrainian program. During the trip, students were familiarized with the possibilities of student exchange and obtain information about graduate education, familiar with the country, and medical students. 

Here is a videoreport of the trip.


 May 22, 2015 in Shevchenko garden held the third Ukrainian-Polish project "Scientific fun".

The essence of "Scientific fun" was to present visual and interactive applications that are "simple to explain complicated things." At picnics were conducted experiments using models, samples demonstrated puzzle. The project involved the active involvement of the audience, which held workshops, games, contests, participate in experiments, and is aimed at popularizing science among children and youth. The "Scientific Picnic" this year involved 50 universities, research institutes, clubs, organizations, 500 teachers, students, pupils, approximately 1,000 experiments held.



 There are results of licensed test examination "KROK 2", which you can find on the NUPh website.


 25-26 April 2015 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry participated in the volunteer project "Scientific picnic for children of Donbass". 25.04 held a meeting with students of school № 42 of the city Artemivsk
 The logo for Scientific Picnic in Ukraine has developed Ulyana Bychenkova


Cooking - it's a chemistry. Doubt? Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, The National University of Pharmacy, Volodymyr Grudko will show on "Scientific picnic for children of Donbass", the unexpected secrets of the composition of ordinary tea and toast to him, "life-cycle" of Newton's apple, and will produce a self-made ink from kitchen products. And that it is not enough! He will reveal the secrets of the ancient mirrors show the play of colors of Ice and Fire, will feel like an expert forensic and analytical chemist.

We offer you to watch photo and video reports


April 2, 2015 assistant of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry Krivanich Olga Valerievna defended the candidate dissertation on "Synthesis of new biologically active substances based on 4-hydroxy-6,7-dimethoxy-2-oxo-1,2-dihydrochinoline-3-carboxamide" by specialty 15.00.02 - pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy.


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